Plastic Free

 NuSEAS is committed to our planet. Here are the missions that are important to us and where we constantly strive to improve in each step.

Environmental Justice

We see the plastic crisis as an environmental justice issue, affecting all of us but not equally. Single use plastics is not only exported to places like South East Asia, but because of a luck of recycling infrastructure, it's then burnt for fuel which is highly toxic to the environment and the health of the surrounding communities. 

Zero Waste
Promoting a zero waste lifestyle and plastic-free products that have minimal impact on the environment is a core mission at NuSEAS. We are constantly striving to implement the most sustainable practices possible when inspiring consumers to make the switch.
Our Packaging
We package our products in unbranded recycled paper intended to be re-used. Our products from 'Jungle Culture' and 'Rubb Body Bars' come in 100% sustainable packaging too.

Our Carbon Offset commitment
We are a brand new business, based in London, UK. We are operating on a low risk start-up green dropship model where we ship our products straight from our warehouses in China and USA directly to consumers, offering affordable prices, 24hours customer service and refunds.
Please visit our impact page here for a breakdown of our offset activities 
Our products
Each product on our store serves a purpose avoiding a cluttered home, leaving space for what really matters.
Most products are compostable, made of natural renewable materials. 
The idea behind each product is to welcome a little bit of nature and calmness in our routines, freeing ourselves from unnecessary products, freeing ourselves from toxins and microplastics.