Our Sustainability Goals and our Commitment to Mother Earth

Why and how we operate on a Green Drop Ship model.

Drop shipping is not coined sustainable. Like most things that make our lives easier, they often come with a sustainable price tag. Being a new start-up business with a low budget we could not afford to launch the store with a warehouse holding our stock. 

Green drop shipping eliminates the first part of the traditional shipping equation by shipping products only once – directly to the customers.

We have gone a few steps further and these are the practices we have implemented for our sustainability goals.

1. Plant and Protect Trees

We are now proud to announce that we have joined One Tribe and their scheme to protect Rainforest with every purchase you make. 

Now when you purchase from NuSEAS you automatically save trees in the rainforest and help improve the carbon footprint of your purchase.

2. Offset your carbon footprint

We offer our customers the ability to take control. On the checkout process we have partnered with Carbon Checkout for purchases offsets that will counteract the emissions from purchases. 

3. Plastic Free Packaging

We package most of our products with unbranded recycled paper intended to be re-used. Our products from Jungle Culture and Rubb Body Bars come with their own sustainable branded packaging. 

4. Try to minimize returns

Due to the nature of using a third party provider, the returns process risks becoming more complicated and damaging to the environment. In order to avoid as many returns as possible, we ensure quality checks, provide sufficient and accurate photos, and give thorough product descriptions.