New York Based 100% Natural and Handmade 'RUBB Body Bars' Now Available On Our Site

We are so excited for our first collaboration with the founder and creative mind behind 'RUBB Body Bars'. Loved by her customers so far, these 100% natural and sustainable bars are infused with superfoods, coloured by plants and scented with pure essential oils, RUBB Body Bars are made from some of natures simplest yet most powerful ingredients.

"RUBB body bars was born out of my own personal need for clean and natural products. Having struggled with severe eczema most of my life, I wanted to create something truly natural that was both safe and effective.

Inspired by nature and simplicity, I wanted to make an honest and transparent product where the consumer doesn't have to second guess what it is made of. Every batch is made by me, entirely from scratch without any chemicals, sulfates, parabens, dyes, fragrances or any other toxins. Every ingredient has been carefully chosen for its skin healing properties and every recipe has been tried and tested for months on my own skin".

Linda's passion for clean and effective beauty transpires in each one of her handmade bars and we could not resist but have them on our site.

These chunky, super creamy bars will last you in the shower and leave your skin clean, moisturised and so refreshed.

Made for all skin types. Formulated especially for eczema prone, dry and sensitive skin.

Concentrated with real, non-synthetically modified ingredients, these soaps have zero fillers, foaming agents, preservatives or harsh chemicals. Each bar contains no toxins whatsoever, is palm oil free and made from sustainable materials.

Handcrafted from start to finish in very small batches, these soaps are left to cure for a minimum of 8 weeks. This makes them gentle, hard, long lasting and sure worth the wait!

Made as a solid cube to reduce the amount of plastic around us, as part of my mission to simplify skin care and make a clean and honest product.

RUBB bars are completely in line with our mission to switch our entire skincare regime to microplastics free, minimal and effective personal care products which reduce drastically plastic consumption... plus don't you love the cute little handle and the cotton bag they come in?

Head to our beauty collection here and with each order we will send you a FREE Bar!